PSU Smart City

We research and develop ConnexThings platform for connect everything  you want to monitor, control, analytic, and so on.

Connect everything you want to manage

Collect a large number of devices, process, and analytic by ConnexThings. Clients can monitor and control everywhere.

IoT Gateway

IoT devices come with diverse connectivity options and many of them can’t directly connect to the Internet. Our IoT gateway fills this communication gap between your things and ConnexThings platform. The IoT Gateway acts as an edge controller which takes real-time sensors data and commands your devices when values meet specified criteria.

Monitor & Control

Clients can monitor real-time and historical data, send remote command to control their devices, set alert rules, etc.

ConnexThings Architecture

ConnexThings is the Internet of Everything platform. It seamlessly connect a large number of devices via popular protocols like MQTT, HTTP and CoAP. Combining your data from multiple sources for real-time analytics and planning.

ConnexThings Features

Devices Management

Provides an intuitive user interface to securely configure and manage your devices. Device integration API provides a way for the device to automatically join the platform. Which you can easily approve or edit them later. You can quickly find specific devices and deploying a firmware updates. You can control device authorization to restricted access.

Real-time Monitoring & History

You can view real-time measurement from your devices, anytime and anywhere. Historical data can be pre-processed using basic aggregation functions and exported for later usage.

Command & Control

Easily control your devices via dashboards or your apps through APIs. Desired states of your devices can be stored in the platform. So devices with unstable internet connectivity can fetch and properly synchronize later.

alert rules

You can configure alert rules to inform you immediately when interested conditions occur or when your device connectivity is lost for extended periods of time. This feature helps you to resolve critical situations quickly and more effectively.

dashboards Management

You can easily create your dashboards. Providing dozen of widgets for making data visualization such as Line Charts, Gauges, Maps, or widgets for sending control command such as Buttons, Knobs, Sliders, etc.

Users Management

As an organization supervisor, You can create user groups and fine-tune their authorizations. This feature will let you allocate your devices to each group for administration.

For developers, we provided the comprehensive APIs to manage your fleet or integrate device data into your applications.